A break in the clouds is on its way....

SunshinePPS is an effort to create a community-driven, policy-oriented website to serve the families and community members of Portland Public Schools, the largest school district in Oregon. This site is a project of the Center for Transparent Analysis and Policy.

SunshinePPS comprises two interconnected services, :Wiki and :Talk. SunshinePPS:Wiki is a place to collect the community's institutional knowledge — the documents, analyses, wisdom, and histories that are now scattered in fragments around the community — into a central location so that it can be more easily discovered, more broadly disseminated, and less likely forgotten. SunshinePPS:Talk is a central meeting place for discussing policy issues throughout the district. Until now, such discussions have been siloed within a multitude of online and offline forums that are specific to individual schools or neighborhoods or programs.

SunshinePPS is not open to the general public just yet. It is being alpha-tested with a group of volunteers.

If you are interested in getting in early and contributing during this phase, please send an email to iwantsunshine@centertap.org and we can get you started.

If any of these describe you, we would love to hear from you:

(FYI, the actual links to :Talk and :Wiki are SunshinePPS:Talk and SunshinePPS:Wiki.)

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SunshinePPS is operated by the Center for Transparent Analysis and Policy, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Oregon public benefit corporation.

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